Refused Car Insurance? Live in the UK?

  • Problems with getting a quote?
  • Turned down by an insurer?
  • Need to talk to someone?
  • Not sure how to proceed?

Don't worry, help is at hand!

If you are having problems getting a quote for your car insurance, you need to speak to a friendly, highly experienced broker who can treat you like an individual and contact insurers directly on your behalf. Alternative Insurance Brokers have many sources to approach for the best and cheapest policy that fits your own individual needs, if you have one of the following problems (or any other!) -

  • You have a non-uk passport or driving licence
  • You live in a blacklisted postcode
  • You have a blacklisted occupation
  • You have a very expensive or high performance car
  • Your car is left-hand drive
  • Your car is imported
  • The car is particularly old
  • Your want to insure a classic or veteran car
  • You want to insure an unusual type of vehicle
  • You occasionally use the car for hire or reward
  • You are a delivery driver
  • The car has been modified
  • Your vehicle is Q plated.
  • You are not the owner and the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • Your car isn't kept at your home address overnight
  • Your car is parked in a blacklisted postcode during the day
  • You commute to more than one place of work
  • You have a disability or medical condition which needs to be disclosed to the DVLA
  • You have had insurance refused, declined, cancelled, or voided at some time in the past
  • A previous insurer has imposed non-standard conditions on your policy
  • You have an unspent non-motoring conviction (e.g. for theft, dishonesty or fraud)
  • You have a Notice of an Intended Motoring Prosecution pending
  • You have a criminal prosecution pending
  • You have a second occupation.

For immediate, expert help ring (UK only)  0808 2640860 Now!